Sentry Technologies has the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide our clients with technical solutions to help their businesses grow and flourish.

Sentry Custom Software Solutions


Sentry Web Design & Development

We offer services of web design and development, web application development, professional ecommerce online shopping systems, Flash multimedia, 3D animations, website hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), software development and graphics design.

Sentry Technologies features an integrated team of entrepreneurial web consultants, creative designers, programmers and marketing professionals that know how to get online results.

Our website development clients range from small start-up companies to large corporations and everything in between. With our combined experience in graphic design, website development and e-commerce solutions, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web development team can deliver. Using the latest technologies coupled with a healthy dose of creativity and professionalism, we will work closely with your team to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to your web, print and visual communication needs. And unlike many web design companies, Sentry Technologies strives to create a positive Return on Investment for our clients. We have dedicated years of effort to understanding the many variables involved in search engine optimization. Our team of experienced and creative web designers, developers and content writers will help increase the exposure of your website and maximize its true earning or traffic power.


Sentry Webhosting

Sentry Technologies provides economical web hosting packages with dedicated support for small to mid-size businesses. If you are looking for a hosting solution provider you can grow with, and receive dedicated support and answers from knowledgeable professionals, look no further than Sentry Webhosting (


SEO Services

Sentry Technologies offers its clients high quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that produces high end results. In the last few years, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become a very big business, and consequently, there has been a significant increase in the number of individuals and organizations offering SEO services to owners of websites wishing to appear at the top of organic search engine rankings. Unfortunately for most website owners, it is hard to tell if these service providers are truly capable of providing the SEO they are advertising – and more importantly the SEO for which they are charging.

At Sentry Technologies we not only offer SEO services, we can provide actual examples of OUR OWN sites (not someone else’s sites we claim to have done). Want an example or two of our SEO performance? Feel free to do a Google search on the term "child fingerprinting software", you should notice right away. SentryKIDS is our own child fingerprinting software. Now, go to Yahoo and perform the same search – no surprise, the results are similar.

So now you are probably thinking "big deal, so your SEO for one search term is high". Well, let’s do Google and Yahoo searches on "child id software". You should see appear near the top of the organic rankings again.

Want an SEO example of one of our sites that isn’t SentryKIDS? Try doing a Google search on "tableless css development" and you should see a post from this very blog ranked near the top.  This is another one of our very own sites in which we have employed our own SEO services.

So are you convinced? And are you ready to start the committed process of having your own website move up the search engine rankings through quality SEO services? Then contact us today, and we will provide you a free quote for your site’s SEO.

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