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GPS Tracking For Adults with Alzheimer's

As the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that causes a person to lose his memory, learning and retention, ability to make judgments, and several other cognitive and motor functions.

Many times the brain damage is so severe that an Alzheimer’s patient won’t even remember where he or she lives. There have been too many reports of Alzheimer’s patients having lost their way or just wandered off away from their own homes or the ssisted living facilities in which they reside. Countless findings show that over 60-70% of all patients with Alzheimer’s will become lost at least once in their lifetime. But the horror does not stop there; reports state that nearly 50% of these Alzheimer’s patients could die if they are not found within 24 hours.

One of the most practical devices in the battle to help Alzheimer’s patients is a device that can monitor the whereabouts of an Alzheimer’s patient at all hours of the day, anywhere in the world – a GPS tracking device.  GPS stands for Global Positioning Systems, the technology that has been used for military operations and is now popular in cars for detailed driving directions. Now, the practical uses of GPS technology do not end there – with the SentryGPS ID it can also be used to locate, track and monitor Alzheimer’s patients. The SentryGPS ID is an effective GPS tracking device which can be placed in a pants or jacket pocket, or worn on a belt in the included pouch.

By buying an activating a SentryGPS ID, you can rest easier at night knowing that your loved ones can not only be found if they are lost – you can be alerted if they even wander outside of your predetermined “safe zones”.  Make today the day you rest a little easier: http://sentrygpsid.com/order/

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