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August 14th, 2009

Here at Sentry Technologies we thrive off of incorporating your technology into saleable products and services, and also making current technologies work to help grow your business. Sentry Technologies entrepreneurial minded team has worked with numerous individuals, organizations, and corporations in developing sound business plans, marketing strategies and technology and web-based solutions.  From the individual entrepreneur wishing to start a home-based business with a big business feel, to the established corporation wishing to expand their services and offerings through web-based positioning, Sentry Technologies has assisted and grown businesses of all sizes, focuses, and markets through the sound use of current technologies along and solid business plans.
Let Sentry Technologies put technology to work for you!

Sentry Fingerprint Technology

Originally developed in 1992 in cooperation with the United States Secret Service, our proprietary algorithm allows the user to adjust thresholds of both brightness and contrast on any fingerprint image to enhance light areas of the fingerprint image or clear overly dark areas of the fingerprint image.  Our systems are so advanced, they even allow you to see the pores in the skin!

Our advanced printing technology also allows us to print the fingerprint image with no pixelization or dpi (dots per inch) – meaning no matter the magnification, the image has no distortion or loss of quality. Find Out More

Sentry GPS Technology

The sentryGPSid™ is a powerful A-GPS locater that is small, lightweight, waterproof and with superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix (TTFF). Device location can be real time tracked through Internet or text based devices. The device user can communicate with the SentryGPS portal through the worldwide GPRS/GSM network. The device can transmit SOS, geo-fencing data in real time while still utilizing low amounts of power. Find Out More

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